traditional quesadilla las vegas
Traditional Quesadilla
pork quesadilla las vegas
How about a Pork Quesadilla?
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Everyone Love the Steak Quesadilla!
Try the New York Philly Quesadilla
Pizzadilla las vegas
The new "Pizzadilla"

If we had a nickel for every time somebody asked us "what makes our Quesadillas so delicious?" we'd be millionaires.  But we're not and if we were, we'd still be producing these high end, tortilla stuffed, meat and cheese, works of art.

So, back to your question.  The answer is quite simple. It's a combination of top tier cheddar, pepper jack and mozzarella cheesed married to the succulent flavors of slow processed, high flavor meats.  But not just some "out of the can" meats a lot of restaurants peddle.  We're talking Grade A steak, pork and chicken.  And if you're an outside the box foodie, than our famous Pizzadilla is right up your alley.

Poppy's Quesadilla Truck

Imagine this...

Your house or maybe your office, is filled with a bunch of hungry people your responsible for and everyone is looking at you with those eyes that scream "Feed me now or theres' going to be trouble."  And just as you're about to lose everything, the trays are lifted by the staff of Poppy's and out comes a three course meal.  What kind of meal you ask?  How about the most tender and flavorful brisket west of the Mississippi?  Accompany that brisket with creamy mash potatoes or any other side your heart can desire, finished with a grand dessert made for kings and queens.  And when the meal is done, you're the hero.

That's what Poppy's can do for your event.  You've got enough going on in your life, let us bring a relief to your stress and your hunger.

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